Sunday, May 8, 2011

Change of Name

We are glad t announce to our loyal fans that Gh Underground Cypher is now Ghana Cypher. The domain name is not active. You can still have fun with us on . Thank You

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Stuffs!!!!! Check Them Out

Anajo Black to perform at Music Mania 2010. Click here to read ==>

3lah - Beat Killing Machine(Exclusive Biography) Click the following link to read==>

Dem Tinz- Tortori (BRAND NU SINGLE)!!! Click this link to download==>

Jaliil - Power (Remix) (BRAND NU SINGLE)!!! Click here to download==>

And so many others. Visit for the best of Gh Underground Tunez and Newz

Friday, July 23, 2010

GhUndergroundCypher.Com ( NEW SITE!!!)

I want to thank y'all for making this happen. Without your support, we wouldn't have come this far. On behalf of the Gh Underground Cyper team, I once again say thank you to you all.

First of all, some of you might have noticed that its been a long time we updated this blog. Sorry about that. But I am sure you would be glad to know the reason for our inability to update.

For your information, the Gh Underground Cypher wont be operating on this blog any longer. We now operating from GhUndergroundCypher.Com .

Join us there, lets have moooooooooooooooore fun!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New group to hit your screen soon.(DIARY)

Diary is a group of two boys who have been in the underground for a long time and now making it up.
GUC had the chance to had an interview a member of them ;(Cris.)

GUC: What is Diary about?
Diary: Diary is a group of two boys.Am Cris and the other is Seth.
GUC: How Long have you been doing music?
Diary: We have been in music for 8years now.
GUC: What inspires your song writing?
Diary: Inspire? Our life and love from others.
GUC: Which artist inspire you in music?
Diary: I love Eminem and he inspires me with how he puts his words and lyrics
GUC: What are some of the challenges you face as an upcoming artistes?
Diary: Challenges, alot, don't get time for your self, the up and downs get too much and you even forget to rest.
GUC: Which category of people do you aim to reach with your music?
Diary: We do everything even the pastors do like our music
GUC: Now our last question.What is your message to your fans?
Diary: For our fans we love them all and they should look up for good music from us soon.(DIARY)
Click here to download Diary's new track ft Guru.


In at least the last half-decade, the voice of the underground has found just the right platform and place to anchor their voice. Mi Prime Entertainment's Bless The Mic show every Thursday's night at the Tantra Night Club has proven to be a solace to hear both the very best- and very worst of underground music and entertainment.
Pass-throughs from Wanlov the Kubolor, Kochoko, Macho Rapper, Scientific and Skillions have graced the show- so has Sarkodie, Ghana's latest music heavyweight at some stage in his career.
This show provides the platform for about 80% of Ghana's finest rap artistes, and credible contenders for the sole ticket for the motherland in Channel O's Sprite Emcee Africa. Gigs on the night usually include live freestyles, vocals, rap performances and the occasional renditions from musical instruments. Every performance here is generally appreciated and there is an environment of extreme rapport and camaraderie.

Bless The Mic is home to happiness- and perhaps that provokes the only conspicuous flaw to this extraordinary concept. Its embracement of any repertoire, regardless of mediocrity contributes to little or no standards at all in activity. A top producer in Adenta, a suburb of Accra once in a conversation said, "The thing about Bless The Mic is you either belong here or just don't''. This is entirely true. Those who patronise the show embrace it fully as a religion. However new patrons may either cherish it for its simplicity, uniqueness and vibrancy; while others may despise the relative chaotic atmosphere, unorthodox renditions and the occasional mediocrity.

There could be a handful of criticisms but the naked truth however remains, that Bless The Mic will continue to entertain lovers of underground music, and home and hone Ghana's brightest talents struggling to make it from the underground. There may be a lot of additions to the show, and obviously a lot of support from corporate bodies would go a long way in greasing the wheels that push this great concept of nursing, grooming and exposing the future of the Ghanaian music industry.

Bless The Mic will hopefully stay for a long time- and the brain behind Mi Prime Entertainment, Pee Y's ingenuity duly appreciated and rewarded.

Long Live Bless The Mic! Long Live the future of Ghanaian Entertainment!!!